“After forty five years of marriage I decided that I wanted to give my wife the diamond she always deserved and that led us to Howes. We not only purchased the diamond solitaire she deserved but a diamond wrap and diamond anniversary band as well. The staff was so considerate of our story and how much my wife meant to me that they put meaning behind every piece of her ring. I can’t say thank you enough, my wife and I were both in tears and the personal touch of a hug from Aubrey meant so much.”

Roger, Prescott, WI

“Thank you so much Howes! She said yes!”

Brad and Megan, La Crosse Store

“A month before my Mom passed away we had spoken about what she wanted to do with her wedding ring. My parents were divorced and she no longer wanted her wedding set and wanted to make it into something special for me. A year and a half after she died I finally decided to bring it into Amanda at Howes to see what we could do. She was so helpful and knowledgeable and respectful of what I was doing. She helped me pick out the perfect setting for my Mom’s diamond and I could not be happier with how it turned out. I think of how much my Mom would have loved it too. I plan on bringing the band back in to have that modified too. They do wonderful work and the staff is so nice! Thank you Amanda!”

Laura, Red Wing, MN

“I love shopping at Howes Diamond Jewelers. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and has the ability to listen to your needs and provide an amazing experience in finding the perfect gift. Thank you for the best customer experience one can ask for in something as personal as jewelry. I love the diamond earrings that Aubrey helped my husband pick out for our anniversary.”

Tammy, Red Wing, MN

“I have been a customer of Howes for several years so when I had in mind getting a custom-made men’s ring done there’s nowhere else I’d go to but Howes. From the minute I walked in the door I got a warm welcome and the girls we’re so excited when I told them about my idea. I found the perfect ring and they kept me informed every step of the way. My reaction when seeing the ring for the first time was wow they did it again, it was everything I wanted! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to give it to him that evening on a boat ride. It was the perfect setting, he loved the ring all thanks to the girls at Howes.”

Jenny, Red WIng, MN

“When Bill was so sick and in the hospital I decided I wanted to give him a new wedding ring, one that meant even more than the one I gave him on our wedding day. I stopped in to Howes Diamond Jewelers and was treated to great customer service. Today, in the mail, I received a personalized, handwritten note. They didn’t just take my sale and forget about me. I feel valued!! Guess where I’ll go the next time I need jewelry and where I’ll refer my friends!?! #CustomerServiceKeepsCustomersComingBack”

Lisa, Onalaska, WI

“I just wanted to say thank you to Kristin who helped my now fiancé, Beau, and I pick out a ring. She was very professional, and I have no doubt that she was a great help to Beau while he was buying it. I absolutely love the ring!”

Kalene and Beau, La Crosse Store

“Huge thanks to all of you at Howes, and an extra thank you to Casey for all of your warm wishes and your help with my engagement ring and wedding band! It was a perfect happily ever after!”

Kaitie and Josh, La Crosse Store

“I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Howes Jewelers for helping me find the perfect ring for our engagement! From day one you were patient and enthusiastically supportive as you helped this intimidated, amateur ring-shopper find the best style and gem to fit my girlfriend’s personality. You were all so flexible and worked with me as I secretly planned the engagement for two months, even offering your own advice on how best to pull it off. Now we are married, and my wife absolutely loves her sparkling ruby! Thanks again!

Dan and Blaire, La Crosse Store

Mindy Craig Photography, THANK YOU!!! You are absolutely amazing! It was such a fun day. Huge thank you to Benjamen for being so darn good looking!!! These turned out stunning!!!!! And thank you to Kristin Katula at Howe’s Diamond Jewelers for helping Ben pick out my gorgeous ring!!!!!!! 

Emma, La Crosse Store

“I never know what to buy for my wife but I always get the help I need when I visit Howes. They ask me questions about what my wife likes to wear and what she already has. I always feel like they listen to me and help me make good choices rather than just pushing me to get a sale. My wife is always happy with what I have brought home for her. I couldn’t do it without the helpful staff at Howes!”

Brad, Lake City, MN

“Thank you to such a wonderful family owned jewelry store is an understatement for all the years of happiness they have brought to every anniversary, birthday and Christmas for my lovely wife. It’s impeccable how a simple smile, warm heart, and such meaningful words they provide can make a simple gift of jewelry mean so much. They always ensure my wife has a wish list so when I come in to shop they have it all taken care of, they make it too easy for me. Here’s a very heartfelt thank you from a very loyal client.”

John, Goodhue, MN

“Recently my wife had an heirloom ring that was in need of some extensive repair. She had brought it in to get a quote on how much it would be to repair it. I knew she wouldn’t spend the money on herself to repair it so she could enjoy it. When they had called to tell how much it was, I told them I would be down to pay for it to keep it a surprise from her. They did just that! She was so happy when I brought it home and gave it to her. Thank you Howes for helping me pull off the secret mission.”

Nate, Red Wing, MN

“I never would have thought picking out an engagement ring would be so easy! The staff was warm, welcoming and so friendly. They also made me feel very comfortable no matter what my budget was.”

Jordan, Bellechester, MN

“Thank you Howes Diamond Jewelers for helping us pick out the most beautiful wedding bands! We had such an amazing time working with your outstanding staff these past couple of years! From engagement rings to wedding bands, and some day – anniversary bands, we can’t wait to come back! Thank you!

Chelsea and Marcus, La Crosse Store

“Thank you again Casey for helping Ken put together this beautiful ring!

Jamie, La Crosse Store

“I am so glad he went to Howes Diamond Jewelers! They did a wonderful job helping him pick out the perfect ring, couldn’t have chosen better myself. Thank you!”

Lindsey, La Crosse Store

On September 12th of this year, my partner in crime(Aaron)made a memorable day for the both of us. After going to see Boyz II Men and the weather didn’t workout in his favor, he had to come up with a new way to ask me to be his forever. So he got together with one of my good friends(Michelle)that has her pilot license and her own plane. After coming up with different ways to ask me, they figured out the perfect way. Earlier that Monday morning, Michelle and I discussed our weekends. She had told me that she went flying all weekend and I piped in asking when she was going to take me?! Little did I know I was walking into a memory of a lifetime. She continued into saying that she was going to fly later after work and that I should come. I happily agreed and she asked if Aaron would want to come. I said “Oh, I’m sure! He’s been asking me about when we were going to fly with you since you’ve gotten your license.” My workday was finally complete. I picked Aaron up and we were off to meet Michelle at her hanger. While we are flying she asks me if I would like to see where her cousin lives. I’m like yeah, I mean we were up flying so why not?! While she is trying to point out her house, she points to the field that her cousin owns. As I see what was spray painted in the field, “Erin marry me I love you”; I immediately turned to Michelle and asked if it was for real. As she’s giggling and says “I don’t know” I turned to Aaron to ask him. He already had the ring out and asked me to marry him! This is seriously a memory of a lifetime! And a BIG thanks to Casey at Howes Diamond Jewelers for the help of my beautiful engagement ring! I’m one lucky lady and couldn’t be happier to marry my best friend!

Erin, La Crosse Store