Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is like going on a roller coaster ride full of emotions. Those of you who have experienced this know exactly what that’s like. The happiness and joy that surrounds the proposal is like no other. But what about shopping and picking out the perfect ring? There’s so much to consider and put thought into it that it can be overwhelming. We’ve come up with ten helpful tips to help you along the journey to find “the ring”.

What’s your budget?

Know what you have for a budget and stay firm on that. Some “experts” will say that you should spend 1-2 months salary on an engagement ring. You are the one that is paying for the ring, not the “experts” so make sure that whatever you budget is not going to financially hurt you.



Make sure your shiny new ring has paperwork to go with it to certify the authenticity. If the jeweler offers no paperwork, then you are in the wrong store.

A moment to remember forever

Picking the perfect way to propose marriage to the love of your life is as important as buying the right ring. Think big and make it an event she remembers until her last moment on this beautiful planet.

Diamond cut

Learn the different cuts of diamonds that are most popular for engagement rings. If you think there are only a couple to think about, then you are in for a surprise. If you feel you need a quick overview we have information on diamond cuts in our Diamond 101.

Choosing a band

We’re not talking about the type of entertainment to have at the reception. We’re talking about choosing the type of metal for the ring! Gold is not the only choice in these days. You can go with sterling silver, Platinum, Palladium and ……..

This looks Pinterest-ing

You can go on your own little private investigation to find the right ring. Social media is the perfect place to get clues on what she may like. Pinterest is the first place to look. If your significant other has a Pinterest account she most likely has some ideas posted on her boards.

Reality check

Make sure the beautiful lady you are purchasing the diamond ring for is your soul mate in every way. If you cannot imagine spending the rest of your life without her by your side, then she is truly the one. If you are not sure, then she is not the one.